Book Talk Poster

My first book (Oxford University Press, forthcoming) examines how rebels quit armed groups without getting killed in the process.

The book draws on my extensive fieldwork in conflict zones in North and South India, where I have interviewed current and former Maoist rebels and other stakeholders in the ongoing conflict.

I have presented my research at several conferences and invited book talks,  most recently at the Watson Institute, Brown University and at CASI, University of Pennsylvania, and at the New School. My research on rebel retirement in India has received media coverage in India in Transition (CASI), Hindu Business Line as well as in other vernacular newspapers in India.This podcast by CASI also provides a quick summary of my research.

I am currently working on the effects of rebel governance on post-conflict institutions and developmental outcomes in Nepal. I have interviewed the most well known Maoist leaders as well as ordinary Maoist cadres (both men and women) in Nepal. My research and fieldwork in Nepal has also received media coverage in outlets including Jacobin, as well as in Ratopati, the leading online news portal in Nepal.

In addition to book chapters and articles, I have also written invited opinion pieces in various outlets including East Asia Forum, IAPS Dialogue, Mainstream Weekly, Countercurrents, GroundXero, WionNews and so on.You can see more here.

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